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Healthcare Systems And The United States Essay - 1680 Words

According to the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems the United States ranks at number 37 overall and is the only wealthy industrialized nation that doesn t have a universal healthcare system. If this is to be fixed we need to take a look at other countries systems and learn how to improve conditions. This paper is going to talk about five countries; Spain, Germany, Canada, Cuba, and the United States. These countries cover a wide variety of healthcare systems. According to most lists America has the worst health care of these countries so it should try to learn from these countries to improve itself. Like with anything else there are many ways to determine how good a healthcare system is. The first way is the percent GDP spent on healthcare this shows what percent of the economy is being spent towards healthcare but it doesn t really show how much a single person is spending. This leads to the second way of showing which is the amount spent per capita, which shows how much money on average a person is spending on healthcare in a year. The weakness of this measurement is that it does not account for how much income the people make so in a poor country the amount spent per capita could be a lot less than a wealthy country but still be worse. The types of hospitals is important because public hospitals can t turn anyone away while private hospitals are smaller and have newer technology and less patients. According to T.R. Reid in his bookShow MoreRelatedHealthcare Systems And The United States Healthcare System Essay1483 Words   |  6 Pages Abstract   Universal Healthcare sounds appealing, but it actually lowers the quality and quantity of healthcare services that are rendered to patients, thus downgrading the healthcare system as a whole.   Not having to pay, with everyone having coverage leads to longer wait times for medical service and many people overusing health care services. Implementation of Universal Healthcare in the United States would lead to a detrimental crippling of the nation’s health system. For those countries thatRead MoreHealthcare System Of The United States1368 Words   |  6 PagesOur healthcare system consumes nearly 3 trillion dollars annually yet fails to deliver the value it should. (CMS, 2014) Among 191 national health care systems the United States ranked 37th in overall performance, not to mention ranking 39th in infant mortality, 36th in life expectancy, and even poorer in adult male and female mortality. (WHO, 2000, 2009) If there is a single category in which the U.S. healthcare system r anked 1st, embarrassingly, is healthcare spending per capita. A question thusRead MoreThe United States Healthcare System870 Words   |  4 PagesThe United States healthcare system is unique when compared with that of other developed nations. Shi and Singh (2015) describe 10 different characteristics of the United States system, as well as, several external factors that assert some pressure on the healthcare delivery system. In this discussion, we will focus on access to health care, as one of the characteristics, and information technology as the external force. I will then review what effect the Affordable Care Act of 2010 had on theseRead MoreThe United States Healthcare System1590 Words   |  7 PagesThe United States Healthcare system is different from other countries for a variety of reasons. Other wealthy developed countries have a national insurance programs based on global budgets. There are three basic models for the structure of their National Healthcare Systems. These programs, mostly cover all citizens in those countries. In contrast, the United States is yet to develop such a healthcare system. Two programs which impact the United States healthcare system is Medicare and MedicaidRead MoreThe United States Healthcare System1562 Words   |  7 Pages  Ã¢â‚¬Å"The United States healthcare system is one the largest and most complex systems in the world†(Artem Cheprasov, Healthcare is one of the most important items to provide for an entire nation, yet the US does not have free healthcare. Why you may ask? Well, there has been a long debate to whether the USA should provide free healthcare for all its citizens; however, there hasn’t been a big change to healthcare being provided for everyone. On both sides of argument, there have been logicalRead MoreHealthcare Systems And The United States1745 Words   |  7 PagesHealthcare systems in the United States are very complex. The United States healthcare system is mad e up of public and private components. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, government run healthcare systems, and military coverage is reviewed. As of 2011, 15% of Americans are uninsured, 60% of insured are employer based, and 15% are covered by Medicare. Access to medical care still has its challenges especially for the uninsured or underinsured. Although the United States spends the mostRead MoreThe United States Healthcare System1683 Words   |  7 PagesThe United States healthcare system is one of the most expensive systems in the world with 16% of its gross domestic product (GDP) assigned to it, it is expected that this spending may increase up 20% of the US GDP by 2016.1 Unfortunately, despite the large amount of money delegated to this system there are still widening gap in health disparities existing in the US, based on geographical areas, race/ethnic groups or class.2 Other factors such as genetics, social circumstances, environmental exposuresRead MoreThe United States Healthcare System1736 Words   |  7 PagesAssignment The United States’ healthcare system is not easy to define. It is a complex, decentralized, market-based system with multiple stakeholders. In this paper we will try our best to discuss the organization, financing, and delivery of the American healthcare system, as well as identify respective flaws. We will conclude this paper with a discussion on potential solutions to the flaws we have identified. Organization The American healthcare system is a complex, market-based system that operatesRead MoreThe Healthcare System Of The United States1266 Words   |  6 PagesThis paper is a broad overall view of the healthcare system in the United States. The paper will encompass U.S. healthcare structure system and to HCIT effectiveness. I will not be able to cover all aspects of the U. S. healthcare system in this paper, but I will hit on key points that I feel are important for you the reader to understand. Keep in mind that the healthcare system here is more complex and complicated today, and this is due to the constant changes and major shifts from being centeredRead MoreThe Healthcare System Of The United States1350 Words   |  6 PagesThere is a war in the United States, it is ragging against its healthcare and the people who are suffering are Medicare recipients, Medicaid recipients, and the uninsured. Those who have the money and those who hold the power to wield the proverbial stick are c ontrolling this war. Laws of the government are impeded by incidental bureaucratic bullies who think that as a Republican or a Democrat, they have the right to not consider a bill that would help healthcare because they would have more votes

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Themes of Morality and Racism in Adventures of...

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a novel full of racism and hypocrisy of the society that we know. Huck continually faces the many challenges of what to do in tough situations dealing with racism and what the society wants him to do. With the novel being written in the first person point of view gives us insightful information into the challenges the Huck is facing and gives us a look into Huck’s head. Huck uses many different techniques to deal with his problems and he gets through them with the end result always being what Huck believes is right. Through Huck’s perspective we see how he deals with all of the racism and hypocrisy of society to form him into the character that he is and to serve the themes of the†¦show more content†¦Often times Huck found himself in a moral dilemma on whether to do what society instilled in him or to do what he thinks should be done. Huck betrayed those feelings of â€Å"what society would want† him to do in order to be a good friend to Jim, putting his own self up at risk again for Jim. Jim was being held captive by Huck’s current host and Huck, abandoning his duties of his superior race and being a good Christian, as the Widow called it Huck suddenly has an epiphany â€Å"All right then, Ill go to hell!† as he goes to â€Å"steal Jim out of slavery† (212). Seeing the situation through Huck’s perspective it gives the reader every little detail that goes into his thought process in his decision making. These types of actions were considered wrong by society at that time and place but Huck sets that all aside and does what he feels is the right thing. Most of the time Huck has to think on his feet making the decision making process even more difficult, like the time when Huck was going to give Jim up as a runaway slave. â€Å"Then I thought a minute, and says to myself, hold on, s’pose you’d ‘a’ done right and give Jim up , would you feel better than what you do now? No, says I, I’d feel bad---I’d feel just the same way I do now† (91). Even through Huck’s dialect you can see him argue with himself on what the right thing to is, but he throws out what society would do and does what his heart tells him. Through Huck arguingShow MoreRelatedThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1675 Words   |  7 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Ernest Hemingway once stated, â€Å"All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn. American writing comes from that. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since.† Accordingly, Hemingway believes that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Huckleberry Finn) is an iconic book that sets the stage for all other American literature in the future. In any case, three reasons why Huckleberry Finn is one of the greatestRead MoreThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain830 Words   |  3 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is â€Å"A Great American Novel†, because of its complexity and richness. Twain writes dialogue that brings his characters to life. He creates characters with unique voice and helps the reader connect to the book. Anyone who reads it is forced to develop feelings for each character. Even though there is a great amount of controversy over the use of some choices, such as the â €Å"n word†, it makes the book more realistic. In the beginning of the novel Huck,Read MoreArgumentative Essay Huck Finn958 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Argumentative Essay: Should The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn be taught in school? Daniel Perez Period 1 10/30/14 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel based on the journey Huck, a young boy with an abusive father, and Jim, a runaway slave, have down the Mississippi River to Free states for an end goal of freedom. Freedom means different things to both of them, to Huck freedom means to be able to do what he wants and not be â€Å"sivilized†, while Jim’s definition of freedom isRead MoreRacism : Discrimination Or Antagonism Directed Against Someone Of A Different Race1636 Words   |  7 PagesRacism: discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race. Even though The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel about a young boy the story has an underlying message of the truth of racism. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a novel set in the late eighteen hundreds hundreds and is considered by many the quintessential American novel. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a highly controversial book with many supporters and many hecklers. Some consider the book toRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain1088 Words   |  5 Pagesis just the same?† (Twain 97). The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a novel about a young boy named Huck Finn who goes on many exciting adventures with a slave named Jim. Huck’s friendship with Jim blooms along the way, and his morality is questioned as he is faced to be the hero of the novel. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, three meaningful subjects are explored in heroism, friendship, and morality that are still relevant today. Huck Finn is a young boy with immense heroicRead MoreThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Research Paper1649 Words   |  7 PagesSince its first publication in 1884, Mark Twain’s masterpiece The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has proven to be one of history’s most controversial novels; especially recently, the novel has often been banned by schools and censored by libraries. Characters in the book are constantly using disparaging language toward slaves, and the repeated use of the word â€Å"nigger† makes many sensitive and offended. Critics denounce the novel and Mark Twain as racist for this word being insulting and politicallyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn 1648 Words   |  7 PagesLola Parsapour Mr. Ruddy AP Lang 3 September 2015 The Value in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain, developed into one of the most controversial books in America. The basis of this controversy can be summarized briefly for it was the use of racial slur and issues of slavery that caused tension in our society. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was banned for the first time one month after its publication. â€Å"â€Å"Not suitable for trash† was theRead MoreMark Twain s The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn1216 Words   |  5 Pagesstated, â€Å"Racism springs from the lie that certain human beings are less than fully human.† Mark Twain supports this belief when he composed his novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In the aftermath of the American Civil War, the institution of slavery and American Southern culture was not well understood internationally. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn conveys Southern culture and the social attitudes toward slavery through the plot of a young white runaway boy nam ed Huckleberry Finn helpingRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By William Twain1090 Words   |  5 Pagesthe novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is regarded with much controversy by parents in America. Aside from the heavy use of the â€Å"n-word† in the book, it touches on some rather controversial themes, such as social equality, slavery and many other things. However these themes should not be frowned upon, but rather, they should be analyzed and interpreted for what they truly are; satire against racism in the South. Over the course of the book, the main character, Huckleberry Finn, embarks on anRead MoreShould The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Be Banned?1984 Words   |  8 PagesShould The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn be banned? Since the early ages of literature, there have been works of literature that have been considered controversial because of the content, as some believe they are offensive or inappropriate. Works such as Martin Luther s 95 Theses and The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger are just two works of literature that have sparked major controversy. One of the most controversial works of American literature is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written

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Case Study of Joao

Question: Discuss about the Case Study of Joao Olivera. Answer: Case Analysis Considering the dilemma being faced by Mr. Olivera, it can be said that he should consider what is more precious and desirable to him and base his decisions on the same. The Utilitarianism Theory, which states that the actions of individuals should be based on what produces the maximum utility rather than the morality of right or wrong can be referred to in this case. The utility of actions can be based on the emotional wellbeing of the people. In this case if Mr. Olivera chooses to stay with his family his emotional well-being will be ensured and will also ensure his mental satisfaction. Another deontological moral theory that can be referred to is the Kants theory, which states that the actions of the individuals are not based on the moralities of right or wrong but the fulfillment of their duties. However, in this case if Kants theory is applied it can be stated that Mr. Oliver would be required to fulfill his duty and move to Argentina away from his family to accept the position offered to him. However, in that case the emotional wellbeing of Mr. Olivera cannot be ensured, therefore making this theory not applicable to this case. Oliveras options It can be noted that the Joao Olivera is a senior manager of the company Consumer Products Firm. He has been the manager of the largest factory of the aforementioned company in Portugal. However, recently Mr. Olivera had been offered the post of manufacturing director of Consumers Products Firm in Argentina. It is to be noted that this opportunity would result in a promotion of Mr. Olivera and would result in the development of his management and global skills. However, it is to be noted if Mr. Olivera accepts the designation of manufacturing director in Argentina, he will be required to stay out of his country for long periods. Mr Olivera had always given priority to his work and had neglected his family due to which he got divorced. If Mr. Olivera accepts the promotion and moves to Argentina, it can be stated that he would become even more distant from his son and daughter. Therefore he is left with two options either to move up the hierarchy of the company or choose to be satisfie d with his present designation and stay close to his family. The pros and cons of each option It can be stated that if Mr. Olivera chooses to accept the promotion and move to Argentina as the manufacturing director of CPF, it would be a great opportunity for him develop his management and global leadership skills. It can also be stated that the opportunity presented before Mr. Olivera is a onetime opportunity considering the fact that Mr. Olivera is forty six years of age and most of other executives of CPF who had accepted such offers were ten to fifteen years younger to him. However, it is important to mention that if Mr. Olivera chooses to seize the opportunity and accepts the promotion he would be leaving behind his family in Portugal and become even more distant to his family. However, it is to be noted that if Mr. Olivera chooses to ignore the opportunity of the promotion and stays in Portugal as the senior manager of the factory of CPF, he would be able to stay close to his family. Mr. Olivera had been giving his work priority and had been neglecting his family. He had been divorced due the same reason. It can be noted that if Mr Olivera is very fond of his children and considers them the most important things in his life. How to take the decision? According to the Utilitarianism theory, it can be stated that the best action to be taken by any individual depends on the utility obtained by the same[1]. It is to be noted that the utility is measured by the feeling emotional wellbeing and sentiment[2]. Thus, it can be noted that the decision to be taken by Mr. Olivera must be based on the utility of the outcome of the decision. The decision to be taken by Mr. Olivera must take into consideration the emotional wellbeing of him. The decision must also be based on the mental satisfaction of the aforementioned party. If he chooses to seize the opportunity of the promotion he will make his way up the hierarchy of the management and will receive the satisfaction of becoming the manufacturing director of the company, however if he chooses to stay in his place of residence he will be close to his family. The latter can create a sense of wellbeing in him. The decision to be taken by him must be evaluated very carefully considering the afor ementioned provisions. With whom he should discuss his options? The decision of whether to seize the opportunity to move to Argentina and accept the promotion is to be discussed with the family members of Mr. Olivera. He must communicate and discuss with his family members the options available to him and the consequences of the same. Since it is a very important decision to be made, he must also consider discussing his options with the management and the directors of the company. He must communicate with them the things he has taken into consideration and while choosing his options. Ways to prioritize his needs and wants when evaluating his options It can be stated that the he should prioritize his needs while evaluating his options. He should consider the consequences of his options and the effect of the same on him[3]. He must evaluate whether he wants to stay away from his family or seize the one time opportunity of his life of becoming the manufacturing director of the company he has worked so hard for. However according to the Utilitarianism theory he must evaluate which option gives him the most utility or satisfaction[4]. He must give more priority to the option, which gives him the utmost utility and satisfaction, and evaluate his decision based on the same. What I would do if I were Olivera In my opinion, it can be said that if I were Olivera, I would have given more priority to my family and for once place it above my work. Considering my time span left in the company I would not have opted for the promotion. At the age of forty six, I would not have wanted to stay away from my native country provided that I had never stayed away from home except on a few occasions. Giving more priority to his work had cost Olivera his marriage. I would not have jeopardized my remaining by choosing work over family again. I would have communicated my decision of rejection of the promotion to the authorities of the company stating the reason for rejection of the proposal. Reference List: Arntzenius, Frank. "Utilitarianism, decision theory and eternity."Philosophical Perspectives28.1 (2014): 31-58. Chekola, Mark. "Utilitarianism."Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. Springer Netherlands, 2014. 6881-6883. DeMarr, Beverly J., and Suzanne C. De Janasz.Negotiation and dispute resolution. Prentice Hall, 2013. Beckerman, Wilfred. "Utilitarianism: The Search for an Overriding Value."Economics as Applied Ethics. Springer International Publishing, 2017. 93-1 Arntzenius, Frank. "Utilitarianism, decision theory and eternity."Philosophical Perspectives28.1 (2014): 31-58. Beckerman, Wilfred. "Utilitarianism: The Search for an Overriding Value."Economics as Applied Ethics. Springer International Publishing, 2017. 93-103. DeMarr, Beverly J., and Suzanne C. De Janasz.Negotiation and dispute resolution. Prentice Hall, 2013. Chekola, Mark. "Utilitarianism."Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. Springer Netherlands, 2014. 6881-6883.

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Virtual Enterprise Collaborative Processes

Question: Discuss about the Virtual Enterprise Collaborative Processes. Answer: Introduction Insurance is one of the the most relevant things human beings are in need of in this modern era. There are several insurance broker organizations that have been established who aid the individuals as well as the various organizations in recommending the products that will protect their assets from any accidents. The availability of so many products confuses the customers to understand the product that is suitable to them(Alexander 2013). Therefore, the customers take help of insurance broker firms who support the customers in understanding their needs and recommending and helping them to purchase the appropriate insurance product that will be ideal for them. The current paper concentrates on Saudi Brokers Company Ltd, an insurance broking agency located in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia. The company has the main aim of broking brokerage services to the customers seeking for an insurance product and on behalf of their services receives a brokerage fee. It is a financial institution aiming to give guidance to the insurance purchasing customers regarding the product that is ideally suitable for them to protect their life and other valuable assets(Saudi Brokers Company 2017). It is vital to identify the core and the non-core competencies of the firm as it will be helpful in analysing the factors and then undertake a brief discussion so that the operations of the firm is properly known and recommendations can be gathered that will up lift the activities of the firm and will increase their market share. Core and Non-Core Competencies It is seen that the firms manoeuvre their way through the tough times and it is vital for Saudi Brokers Company Ltd with recognising and leveraging the operations that delivers the accurate brand differentiation that helps to gain the completive edge and the value of the firm that are undeniable. The core competencies are the main functions to the operations and the non-core competencies are regarded as the peripheral, incidental and sometimes regarded as an expensive distraction to the firm(Cummins Weiss 2014). It is seen for decades that the Saudi Brokers Company have been diversifying themselves of the non-core operations and activities so that they are able to concentrate on the activities that will aid the core business strategy of Saudi Brokers Company. . It is seen that more and more the management of the organization are casting a severe outlook towards their end processes to analyse the most suitable in-house activities and what an external provider can undertake to handle the tasks more effectively and cost-efficiently. One of the core regions that requires to be considered by the firm is the Accounting and Finance Department(Shamsuzzoha et al., 2017). Decision Making Authority Saudi Brokers Company is on the look out to increase their market share by making use of innovative and intelligent techniques that are suitable for the firm. Insurance broking organizations are available in plenty in the Saudi Arabian market and therefore there is a need for the firm to undertake various decisions that will be helpful to the firm. Decision making is an important function for efficient operations of the firm. It is seen that Saudi Brokers Company has an effective decision making authority as the management of the firm have proper knowledge about the market and the operations of their competitors and therefore have the ability to change their decisions according to the changes in the demand in the market(Bansal 2016). It is seen that the management evaluates the external and the internal operations of the firm comprehensively and thereafter undertakes decisions if deemed necessary. Saudi Brokers Company are in the opinion of analysing their business operations from time to time in order to stay ahead of their competitors. The company evaluates their daily operations and with the help of the customer feedback, and accordingly can understand the problems so that they can rectify the problems with ease. Saudi Brokers Company provides guidance to their clients with respect to their decisions regarding purchasing their insurance products and actions without having a direct impact on the authority. Saudi Brokers Company are in the opinion of undertaking changes according to the transformations in the market and the changes in the taste and preferences of the consumers. As discussed above, there are a lot of insurance broking organizations and therefore it is vital that Saudi Brokers Company initiates the changes first in order to stay ahead in the market. The management and the entrepreneurs of the firm undertake essential changes in the shift of the mindsets and thereby adopt transformations in the attitude and behaviour of the employees and the organization and thereby increasing better quality of service. Saudi Brokers Company builds consensus in order to rectify the struggles regarding the power and solves the resistance to transform and establish the sense of trust and rapport between the employees and the customers. The most important competency of Saudi Brokers Company is their knowledge about the environment of the business and the key problems and the obligations of the broking firm. The firm has an extensive communication structure and they take the initiative of interacting with their clients and thereby gaining knowledge about the problems that can be eliminated. The company even interacts with their employees and discovers way to improve the structure of the business with the help of diplomacy and management expertise. Risk Management is one of the most vital activities that every firm looks into so that they can reduce their losses and keep a close eye on the activities of the firm and thereby make necessary changes to restrict any losses. Saudi Brokers Company undertakes various risk management strategies like monitoring the services they provide to their customers and handling the grievances of the consumers effectively so that the customers are satisfied(Minja 2016). The firm even analyses the market on a daily basis and changes their business strategy accordingly when they see any risk in the economy. The company even looks into the areas like accounts receivable so that loss due to bad debt can be minimized. The vision of the firm is one of the vital core competency that is useful for the progress of the organization in the Saudi Arabian market. The setup of a vision is essential so that the company can have an objective for their future that can drive them initiate their operations(Rauch et al., 2016). The vision of Saudi Brokers Company is to provide extensive broking services to the customers and to increase their customer base so that they can become the leaders in the insurance broking organization and capture a strong market share. The organizations when staring their business primarily constructs their strategy to the firm can properly operate their business with the help of a definite path and direction so that discrepancies and faulty operations are eliminated. Saudi Brokers Company have a constructive strategy and that is to examine the market carefully on a frequent basis. The company looks gain more knowledge about the various insurance products so that they can provide advice to their customers(Karimi 2014). The company organizes various promotional and marketing strategies in order to attract potential customers within their customer base. The company is aware of all the new products that are being introduced in the market and therefore they can stay updated with the market thereby attracting new customers. The company making use of the constructive strategy expands their business and looks to become the leader in the insurance broking market in Saudi Arabia and later globally(LandBusatlija 2016). Saudi Brokers Company with the help of their efficient management tries to construct polices that will develop the operations of the business. The company frames their polices looking at the needs of the management and the employees so that all the people who are working connected with the firm internally and externally are satisfied and fraudulent activities can be eliminated within the firm(Jaffar et al., 2014). The policies are flexible in nature and according to the changes in the economy and the demand on the market, the organization transforms their policies keeping the core policies intact. The proper construction of the policies leads to effective operational activities of the firm. Non-Core Competency There are various non-core competencies that are available in the business and these competencies even have an effect on the operations of the business. The core competencies are discussed below: saudi Brokers Company is one of the most successful insurance broking organization and it is seen that the reason behind their growth in the market is mainly due to their extensive researches. The company undertakes frequent researches to understand the market and the needs of the consumers. The research is essential as it would lead to proper construction of their strategies thereby improving the advisory services to their customers(Jarzabkowski et al., 2014). The company looks to understand the changing trends in the market so that they can initiate changes within their working structure and can improve the services of the organization. The company is always on the look for development and therefore tries to improve their business by making changes in their policies. The company operates their business by providing advisory services to their customers and therefore, the organization undertakes various analytics to understand the pattern of the information that is obtained by the organization. The information that are gathered by the company is useful for their business process and thus the information is analysed with the help of analytical tools to segregate the information into different segments so that the knowledge hidden within the information can be studied properly and then can be conveyed accordingly so that accurate business decisions can be undertaken(Veenendaal Kearney 2014). The process of analytics is undertaken by Saudi Brokers Company so that the pattern of the information can be understood and accordingly decisions can be taken to improve the function of their business. Saudi Brokers Company looks to improve their business with the help of strategies that are efficient and accurate. The decisions that are taken by the organization are knowledge driven as the management initiates decisions accordingly. It is important that the management has knowledge about the policies and strategies that are being implemented so that in case of discrepancies the management can solve the problems effectively(Ondura 2014). This is a good strategy as taking a decisions only by looking at the market deviations can be faulty and can lead to downfall for the company. Analysis of the Competencies that can be outsourced Saudi Brokers Company implements the outsourcing strategy when the limit of the operational activity is hit. The company does not want to invest more capital to appoint new staffs, hardware and office space to handle the customer relationships and operational activities. The various competencies that are outsourced are discussed below: Customer relationship is one of the most effective way to communicate with the customers and handle their discrepancies in order to improve the operations of the business. The management of customers are given out to the third party firms who on behalf of the insurance broking organization receives the information and complaints of the customers and conveys the information to the organization. In some cases, some problems are even handled by the customer care executives over phone and thereby improving the service of the firm. These services are mainly given out to various call centres, who on behalf of the company communicates with the customers(Padmapriya 2014). Saudi Brokers Company being a brokerage company even has the duty of collecting the insurance premiums from the customers and handle the claims processing services. Due to a heavy customer base, the company appoints various agencies who are in charge of collecting the premiums from the customers. The employees of the organization are burdened with various tasks and therefore it is difficult for them to communicate with the customers (Gmez et al., 2017). These agencies collect the premium from the customers thereby reducing the time of the customers to stand in the queue and help the company to receive the payments. Impact on the Clients The process of outsourcing helps Saudi Brokers Company to reduce their burden of work. However, the process of outsourcing has positive and negative impacts on the consumers. The impacts are discussed as follows: The introduction of outsourcing helps the clients to reduce their burden of work as now they do not need to go to the office of the insurance organization in order to pay the premium of their products and even during the application claims. The executives on behalf of the organization reaches the clients in their respective addresses collects the payments and even accepts the applications of any claims. The introduction of online and telephonic customer relationship management even helps the clients as now they can complain their problem over telephone or through online services thereby reducing their time wastage. There are certain negative impacts as well. It is seen that the executives from the third party are not concerned about the brand image of the organization and therefore, they do not provide efficient services. There may be lag in the payment process and it is seen that in case of complaints through the customer care executives, the complaints may not be communicated to the company properly (Brophy 2015). There are instances where the information is not communicated accurately and proper measures are not taken to solve the problem. Recommendations There are various scopes of improvements within the operational structure of the Saudi Brokers Company. The major improvements that can be seen is mainly with the functions that are performed through outsourcing. The company requires to monitor the responsibilities performed by the third party agencies from time to time and even requires to examine their activities so that a clear idea can be obtained regarding the faults that are seen in the service and thereby rectify them. The organization even needs to keep track of the all the complaints that are received in a day and even in a month and the time taken to resolve the problem. The conversations of the clients with the executives is essential to be recorded so that the proper idea can be achieved about the behaviour shown by the executives and to discover that the suggestion given by them are accurate. The recording of these conversations acts as a record file that can be used up when deemed necessary. It is the duty of the firm to communicate with their clients from time to time so that their suggestions can be obtained and therefore it is essential to construct feedback forms that requires to be given to their clients to find out what the clients feel about their services and what actions can be taken in various departments of the company in order to improve the services of the organization and satisfy the clients with quality and efficient services. Conclusions The conclusion of the paper reveals that there are various core and non-core competencies that are available in the business operations of Saudi Brokers Company and these are the actual activates that supports the firm to reach their organizational goals. The paper even discusses these functions and helps to discover their impact on the organizations. The paper even analyses the various competencies that are outsourced and discovers their impacts on the clients and the organization as a whole. The paper concludes with the fact that there are room for improvements for the firm with respect to their activities if they start introducing the recommendations suggested in this paper. Reference List Alexander, K. (2013).Facilities management: theory and practice. Routledge. Bansal, A. (2016). Systemic Importance of Insurance CompaniesAn Empirical Analysis. Brophy, R. (2015). A collection of insurance brands: The story of RSA in Ireland.Cogent Business Management,2(1), 1067567. Cummins, J. D., Weiss, M. A. (2014). Systemic risk and regulation of the US insurance industry. Gmez, J. C. O., Duque, D. F. M., Rivera, L., Garca-Alcaraz, J. L. (2017). Decision Support System for Operational Risk Management in Supply Chain with 3PL Providers. InCurrent Trends on Knowledge-Based Systems(pp. 205-222). Springer International Publishing. Jaffar, K., Mabwe, K., Webb, R. (2014). Changing Bank Income Structure: Evidence from Large UK Banks?.Asian Journal of Finance Accounting,6(2), 195-215. Jarzabkowski, P., Bednarek, R., Cabantous, L. (2014). Changing competitive dynamics in the reinsurance industry: implications of changes in buyer behavior for reinsurance executives.The Journal of Financial Perspectives,2(1), 27-38. Karimi, B. J. (2014).Impact of relationship marketing practices on customer retention in the insurance industry in Kenya(Doctoral dissertation). Land, M. B., Busatlija, E. (2016). They call it competence, and it is for sale: Decisions and effects of master vendor arrangements. Minja, D. (2016). THE ROLE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP PRACTICES IN MITIGATING RISKS IN STOCK BROKERAGE FIRMS IN NAIROBI.Journal of Language, Technology Entrepreneurship in Africa,7(1). Ondura, E. O. (2014).Factors influencing information technology outsourcing in the Insurance sector in Kenya(Doctoral dissertation). Padmapriya, B. (2014). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT (IJM).Journal Impact Factor,5(7), 30-43. Rauch, J., Weiss, M. A., Wende, S. (2016). Contagion within the Global Financial Sector: Sector and Firm Analysis of Banking and Insurance. Saudi Brokers Company (2017) Shamsuzzoha, A., Helo, P., Sandhu, M. (2017). Virtual enterprise collaborative processes monitoring through a project business approach.International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 1-19. Veenendaal, A., Kearney, M. (2014). Firm-Level Creative Capital and the Role of External Labour. InHuman Resource Management, Social Innovation and Technology(pp. 73-97). Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Willcocks, L., Lacity, M., Craig, A. (2017). Robotic process automation: strategic transformation lever for global business services?.Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 1-12.

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Battle of Verdun

Battle of Verdun Introduction Beginning February 21 to December 1916 the Battle of Verdun can be considered one of the largest battles fought during WWI between France and Germany with a total combined death count of 698,000 on both sides (Horne, 1994). Based on the account of Alistair Horne in his book The Price of Glory this paper will elaborate and examine some of the more interesting facets of the war involving pride, nationalism and the de-humanization of combatants brought about by the combination of such factors. Going even further into human aspect of the war elaborated on by Horne, this paper will examine the reasons that drove both combatants to fight over what was basically a useless piece of land and how the end result was nothing more than a war of costly attrition with a pyrrhic victory at the end.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Battle of Verdun specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Pride and Verdun When examining the accou nt of Horne regarding the Battle of Verdun it becomes obvious that the entire context of the battle itself was one of pride between two contenders that entered into what can be roughly described as a pissing contest between two countries. For example, if you were to observe the greater context of the First World War it becomes immediately obvious that there was very little to be gained from Germany attacking Verdun while at the same time France had little to lose from merely allowing Germany to take Verdun. The area wasnt situated in what can be described as a strategically viable position in terms of allowing Germany to push further into France nor would holding the area allow the French army to cut off any German supply routes or allow the Germans to access any viable resources from the region since Verdun itself held little, if any, war potential in terms of munitions factories or stockpiled resources. Based on the account of Horne it can be seen that Verdun was a matter of pride between the actors wherein it became a symbol of French resistance against German incursions while at the same time it was a way of showing Germanys resolve in winning the war. Going even further back to understand that factors that lead to irrational exuberance that permeated this desire to go to war over what can be described as a worthless piece of land, one would come across a variety of historical snippets (as indicated by Horne) which show that the land itself was heavily contested between the French and Germans even before the start of WWI. This in itself is quite interesting especially when overlaying the nationalism that was used as a factor to drive the inexorable war machine forward it can be seen that when nationalism meets pride minor disagreements can often erupt into major conflicts resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Despite the overwhelming loss of life on both sides over something that had nothing to do with actually winning the war it can be seen from the account of Horne that extreme nationalism urged both sides to keep on fighting with German Field Marshall Von Falkenhayn famously saying that they would bleed the French white. What is interesting about this particular account of the war is that when taking it and overlaying it in the greater context of wars within human society it can be seen that a lot of them were a direct result of pride and nationalism taking precedence over common sense and practicality. Even in the modern day era with the current war on terror it can be seen that a large percentage of radical Islamic militants turn towards terrorism due to feelings related to nationalism and the desire to protect their traditional way of life. Nationalism and Inhuman Treatment Continuing the in the same vein of though regarding nationalism, pride and how these fueled the battle of Verdun it is quite interesting to note that it was also during this particular battle that the first recorded instance of poison gas was utilized. This is an important factor to take into consideration since when you combine its usage with the various de-humanizing aspects related to the battle itself it becomes all to obvious that nationalism and pride taken to its zenith enables countries to not think of the ethical and moral considerations of war (as explained by Horne when he elaborated on the various human factors behind and during the battle of Verdun) and as a result dehumanizes the enemy enabling the most atrocious of actions to become acceptable all for the sake of winning. This is particularly enlightening especially when taking into consideration the inherently hypocritical noble and just reasoning elaborated on by state leaders and generals at time regarding the justness of their cause in the face of thousands of deaths. Such a method of justifying atrocities h as actually been endemic in countries such as France and Germany in the past wherein the Crusades (various attempts at retaking the Christian Holy Land from Muslim hands which resulted in millions of deaths on both sides) were fueled by religious fervor.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Battle of Verdun specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In the present religion has been replaced by nationalism however it is no less effective in justifying the deaths of thousands all for the sake of a just cause. Pyrrhic victory The last and but not the least most interesting aspect of the account of Horne was that in the end both sides gained nothing from the battle of Verdun and for the French it was nothing more than a pyrrhic victory while for the Germans they actually accomplished what they set out to do and that was to â€Å"bleed the French white† (however in terms of an overall military victory the French actually â€Å" won† at Verdun since the Germans were unable to either capture the city of Verdun nor were they able to inflict greater causalities to the French). First and foremost what you have to understand is that despite the sheer amount of deaths on both sides by end of the Battle on December 1916 both sides were quite literally at the same fronts they were in when the battle started in the first place. Thus, from a certain perspective, it can be surmised that the entire battle was useless from start to finish since neither side actually were able to advance, both suffered costly causalities that hampered their war potential and in the end the battle itself was fought for reasons that are both incredibly selfish and can even be described as incredibly stupid given the amount of people died for them. Conclusion Based on the account of Horne and the opinions presented in this paper it can be stated that the entire battle of Verdun was a complete was of human life and shows how nationalis m and pride can lead to actions that can basically be described as insanely stupid. Reference List Horne, A. (1994). The price of glory: Verdun 1916.

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Stability and Recovery in Weimar Germany 1925-9 essays

Stability and Recovery in Weimar Germany 1925-9 essays Explain the degree to which the years 1925-9 were a time of economic and political stability for the Weimar Republic The Weimar Republic was set up in Germany at the end of the First World War. It was a dramatic transformation from the highly undemocratic, authoritarian Kaiser Reich of the war, and pre war years. It was made up of an extremely democratic voting system, universal suffrage for the over 21s, and had a very proportionately representative Reichstag. With hindsight, we know that the system collapsed and gave way to Hitlers dictatorship in 1933. But it also inherited a broken, divided and demoralised Germany after WWI, and seemed to, at least partially, restore it to success. It is therefore arguable how weak or stable Weimar was. At the end of the Great War, Germany had lost much territory; it had lost 13% of its productivity, 24% of its coal, and 74% of its iron ore. It was paying 6.6 billion in reparations under the Treaty of Versailles. On top of this, Germany had 600,000 war widows and 1.2 million orphans, the government were spending 1/3 of its disposable funds on pensions. The hyperinflation of 1923and the subsequent re-establishment of the currency had brought great misery amongst most Germans, especially the middle classes who had lost their entire life savings. Recalling the economic mess Germany was in when Weimar was established, it seems a phenomenal regeneration had occurred. Helped by the Dawes Plan of 1924 - affordable reparations instalments and foreign investment Germany started to become more economically stable. Unemployment fell rapidly, and there were good conditions for the poor; a generous unemployment benefit and a good wage rise for workers. German industry became more and more profitable. In fact, by 1927 the Gross National Productivity of Germany exceeded that of the whole German empire in 1913. AJ Nicholls argues that the damaging effects of the Treaty o...

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Business memo Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business memo - Personal Statement Example It gives them opportunity to find practical implications of the theories involved in business communication. One major advantage of this approach is that it creates a positive learning environment within the classroom which further facilitates learning. The trained incapacities of the students can be challenged with this approach. Learning by Doing is an ideal methodology to make the learning process more customised and effective. An introductory activity which is done in connection with the teaching point creates a platform to learn by doing. The reflections and observations from this activity could be used as indicators for different theories to be taught. However, it is important that these observations are effectively deciphered by the teacher leading to the theories to be taught. More importantly it creates an environment where in the learners can involve in challenging opportunities to discuss, question and test the implications of the knowledge being shared. Thus the inhibitions on participation in learning activities are replaced with enthusiasm and activeness. In totality, these activities provide the teacher with a readily involving student group and in turn the students are provided with a collaborative environment and a community of learners. In either case, a background conductive of effective le arning is created wherein there is no fear of making mistakes. These teaching strategies facilitate learning especially in the context of introduction to business. As the subject is new to the students it is important that at the outset it is made sure that the basic concepts are conveyed to students in terms of its practical implications in business. As introduction to business is taught in a stage where the student community has not integrated completely into the academic system, it is important that a levelling of the students is ensured.

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New Product Development is the Key to Apple's Marketing Success Coursework - 1

New Product Development is the Key to Apple's Marketing Success - Coursework Example One of the most innovative products of Apple was iPhone which was considered as one of the best-selling products. The business operations of Apple are expanded in almost all geographical nations (Apple Inc, 2012). Apple’s Strategies Apple seeks to apply its idea of being a digital heart in the field of electronic products because customers demand stylish and cohesive digital devices. Apple always attempts to distinguish itself from other brands so that it can put premium rates on their products. The business strategy for Apple is to find the accurate equilibrium between customer satisfactions and cost because this blend is vital for raising the product price for customers and thereby increasing profitability. In the consumer electronics market, Apple is known for premium price products because it invests huge amount of funds on new product development and innovation activities. The product differentiation is a major competitive strength for Apple as it can successfully increas e the perceived value of its products and help to generate more revenue in spite of premium cost (Iiiev & et. al, 2004). Quality products and innovation through wide practise of research and development (R&D) is the other key reason behind the success of Apple in the market. The main objective of Apple is to expand its customer base (Iiiev & et. al, 2004). Product Portfolio of Apple Traditionally, Apple manufactured and developed software applications and computer products; however, after the introduction of iPod as one of the preferable MP3 players for people, several new product lines have been included in product portfolio of Apple. The old and new product portfolios of Apple are described in following table: Product Portfolio Product Lines Software and Computer iOS, Mac Operating System, Professional and Business Application Programmes, Personal Computer Hardware Products Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iBook iPhone Mobile Phones, iPods, Digital Devic es, iPads iTunes Music, Applications, Bookstore iCloud Cloud Services Application Software iLife, iWork Display and other Fringe Products Printers, Storage Devices, Digital Cameras, Apple TV Source: (EDGAR Online, 2011). People Apple has a bureaucratic organisational structure where CEO is in the top position of hierarchy. The CEO and Vice Presidents gather reports about company’s business operations from both line and staff managers. Apple is highly dependent on manufacturing representatives on whom it has no direct influence. The positions of Apple in the organisational hierarchy are described below: Source: (Apple Inc., 2012). New Product Development New product development is all about introducing new product in any industry. It is a process for developing a product in order to certify progress or survival in the market. The aim of new product development is to strengthen or transform the strategic direction. An effective new product can help an organisation to add a new product line under the product portfolio (Takeuchi & Nonaka, 1986). Reasons for Launching New Product in the Market Developing new product signifies relocating or

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No topc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

No topc - Essay Example Sometimes women are the suppressed gender in our society. Conflict arises relating to what are the socially accepted roles for women. What are the typical gender issues in our society today? Why do gender issues focus on women? Historical accounts about women’s societal roles can be traced back during the time of Abraham and Jesus. We can see how women were treated during those times based on the Bible. Men’s societal roles during this time were outside the home, as dictated by the traditional society. They work mostly in the plantation, work as carpenters, palace guards, while women nurse their children and always stay at home to do household chores. During the early colonial period where galleon trade started conquering the world, women remained domesticated. Education was only given to men who will be part of this trade. During the 19th century, different types of government began to emerge, yet these governments were not aware of gender inequality because they only continue the same norm and culture of men dominating women. The establishment of these governments was created through elections. However, women were not given the right to suffrage / vote until 1920s. Suffrage issues began to alarm some women who can’t bear the unequal rights given to women. They believe that they are also part of the success of the society and can decide whom to vote. Because of some uprisings of these women in the 19th century, women were persecuted for fighting for their rights. Men believed that women are not yet ready to take on responsibilities outside their home. Still, more women fought against these socially constructed norms about them. Some women were not fully recognized for their contributions in the society. Mostly men were given credits and privileges. We can call this kind of society as patriarchal, for believing men are more sufficient and rational as women. Economies of European countries before were ruled by men

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Advertising and Promotion Strategies

Advertising and Promotion Strategies Scenario You have been hired by an advertiser as a consultant to devise the promotional campaign for the product (Please select any product or business of your choice). The advertiser is not sure about the promotional budget therefore he wants you to advise and develop plan of how effectively can he advertise having your expertise. Besides above the line promotion, he also wants to know about the below the line options that can be offered to him by you. P.7: Differentiate between the characteristics and Objectives of the various below-the-lines promotional Techniques. Below-The-Line Promotion can be classified as above the line and below the line promotion. The promotion activities carried out through mass media for example radio, television, newspaper comes under above the line promotion. Below the line promotion refers to forms of non media communication below the line promotion are becoming increasingly important within the communication mix of many companies. In some ways by which companies do below the line promotions are by exhibition, sponsorship activities, public relations and sales promotions. Sales promotion Below the line sales promotions are short term and companies target the consumers and it is to achieve communication objectives more efficiently in limited budget with pressure on marketing team to achieve the communication objectives. An immediate or delayed incentive to purchase, Expressed in cash or in kind and having only a short term or temporary duration. (Hugh Davidson). Below are the lines of sales promotion: Price Reduction It is known as price discounting and it is done in two ways: Discount to normal selling price of a product More of the product at normal price Price promotions can also have negative effect on brand reputation or just a short term sales boost. Coupons Coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product coupons are issued by manufacturing companies and retailers and the sources for coupons are through mail, magazines, newspapers, internet, and mobile devices. Rebates Rebates are like coupons which offer value to purchasers by lowering the customers final cost for acquiring the product. Rebates often request the purchaser to submit personal data in order to obtain the rebate including name, address and contact information is general required to obtain a rebate and sometime marketers may ask additional information such as reason for purchasing the product Samples: It is a free amount of a product delivered door to door, sent to mail, picked up in a store, attached to another products. Premiums (Gifts): Merchandise offered at a relatively low cost or free as an incentive to purchase a particular product. It can be inside a particular product, or in a package offered. Public Relations The point of public relations is to make the public think favorably about the company and its offerings. Commonly used tools of public relations include news releases, press conferences, speaking engagements, and community service programs. But advertisement is closely related to public relations. the goal of advertising is generating sales, while the goal of public relations is generating good will. The effect of good public relations is to lessen the gap between how an organization sees itself and how others outside the organization perceive it. Public relations involve two-way communication between an organization and its public. It requires listening to the constituencies on which an organization depends as well as analyzing and understanding the attitudes and behaviors of those public. Only then can an organization undertake an effective public relations campaign. Many small business owners elect to handle the public relations activities for their own companies, while others cho ose to hire a public relations specialist. Managers of somewhat larger firms, on the other hand, frequently contract with external public relations or advertising agencies to enhance their corporate image. But whatever option is chosen, the head of a company is ultimately responsible for its public relations. Sponsorship Companies and brands use sponsorships to build brand recognition by associating with an event. Companies try to find the target groups who fit within a specified budget and provide sponsorship benefits that suit the companys objectives. There are various sponsorships which are local, national and international sponsorships. Objectives of Sales Promotion techniques: Many sales promotion techniques used to attract the customers who are using the product for the first time. It is used for introduction of new products. Sales promotion can act as an effective customer information gathering tool. Marketers found that sales promotions are an effective tool for creating interest in a product because creating interest is considered as an important use of sales promotion. Some Sales promotion techniques offer the opportunity for customers to try the product for free or at low cost. Sales promotions are designed in a way to move customers to action or to provide information about product. Sales promotions are to build product awareness and to maximize the demand. Objectives of Public Relations: Public relations objective is to aware consumers about new product launching or to maximize the demand of existing product. Public relation can be used to provide customers with more information about a product. It is also used to build a good image and to maintain a positive relationship with customers. Objective of Sponsorship: The main objective of sponsorship is to increase sales. To aware the customers about a product. To reach target markets. To reach consumer where they live and play. To build relationship with customers. To build image. P8: Recommend the use of individual techniques in two commercial situations. Confed School for Professional Studies Confed is a consultancy which provides information about many U.K universities to the students of Pakistan. It has four branches in Pakistan located in Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. It provides information to the students who want to study abroad and helps them in selecting their careers. Confed conduct seminars in which that call different student and gave them briefing about different universities in U.K and about the living in the U.K. Besides consultancy business Confed is also offering Higher National Diploma (HND) and classes for ILETS exams. Recommendations for CSPS to improve their business. Confed should distribute flyers in different colleges and universities invite them to their seminars. They should specially target the students of FSC, A-levels. They should give discounts to the student who are applying for the first time and should give them keep the student satisfied. CSPS should make writing pads, pens, and distribute amongst the students of other colleges and universities. In Peshawar every one cannot afford the education in the U.K Confed because it is too expensive. Confed should make their customer realize that if the education is expensive it doesnt matter later on it has many advantages and benefits. Confed should deliver the advantage that a student will get by studying in the U.K. Confed should conduct different campaign for example beatifying university town, this will make a good reputation of confed. They should be participating in social activities. Daewoo Pakistan Sammi Corporation was established as forest products importer in 1954 but has expanded its business to become a dynamic trading company in Korea. From the 1950s, Sammi has been challenging the world market with a great emphasis on conforming to international requirements for the timely delivery of top-grade industrial products, such as Stainless steel, Coated steel, Automotive parts, Wood products various raw material.  Ãƒâ€šÃ‚   Daewoo is a bus service introduced by Sammi cooperation, Daewoo is a bus service which covers almost all the cities of Pakistan. The journey of Daewoo is very relaxing, comfortable and is always on time. Now a days Sammi Daewoo is very popular for traveling in Pakistan. Here we will discuss about three major cities Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Lahore and how can Daewoo improve its services. Recommendations Reservation of Daewoo is made by phone. They should start a service by which there customers can make booking online or through their mobile phones. Sometimes the operator is busy and may not receive call so they should introduce new way of booking of seats on Daewoo that is online booking and through mobile phones. This will save time for their customers and will be much easier. They should give monthly cards to their regular customers worth Rs 2000 and the fare should be deducting from the card automatically. And should also give them discounts. They should also give donations to charitable trust. This is very good for overall reputation of the company. They should launch VIP busses for the executive class and should make the service different than normal routine. For example the menu should be different. Bussed traveling from Peshawar to Lahore should take the route of motorway from Peshawar usually the bus passes through noshera which takes a lot of time. Daewoo should offer snacks in between the journey. P.9 explain the principles and process of campaign management including (Communication goals, situation analysis, Campaign objectives, Strategies and Budget allocation) Goals of communication: The main goal of business communication is to influence, to control our audiences responses in the way we had intended, so that we can fulfill certain aims for ourselves and our organizations. Effective business communication, of course, results in our eliciting the response we desire both in the short term, such as having our audience obey an order, and in the long term, such as having our audience continue to follow the spirit of the policy. Secondary goals such as self-expression, social relationships, and career advancement also involve producing change in knowledge, attitude, or action. With all these complicated variables going on in the communication process, no wonder communication is imperfect. Situation analysis When analysis of the organization as it is at the moment and how it may develop in the future, is important. The analysis has to be executed at an internal level as well as an external level to identify all opportunities and threats of the external environment as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations. There are too many factors internal and external to the firm which includes in situation analysis but some of the important contexts are given below. Historical context Industry analysis Market analysis Competitor Historical context All situations are unique, it is important to know how the firm arrives at the current situation. For compaign plan we should know about the history of the company including mistakes and success and decision that take in past. Industry analysis In industry some factors affect the character and growth in an industry i-e technology, regulations, economic conditions and social factor. In industry we have to identify that, is there any trend of that product or service? Does customer wants to avail it or not?. We should find out what is unique going on another side. We cannot ignore trends in an industry, no matter in what business we are. Market analysis There are different factors that affect decision making. The effect of external environment is unavoidable in all areas of marketing. There are different types of customer. and Each type o customer have their own attitude towards product and process of decision making so while making campaign we have to keep in eye all of our different types of customers. Competitors We cannot ignored competitors strategies while campaign plan. Its not like to follow each other strategies but have to make different, unique and more effective strategy compare to competitor. Campaign objectives Some of the important objectives of campaign are given below. New customer acquisition. Ensure a strong level of public awareness, understanding and support. Revenue. It raises the awareness of decision making, Cross-selling and bundling Churn prevention and management It also helps in feedback. Youll receive valuable tips, suggestions and leading during your referral interviews Stimulate the trends of investment etc. Strategies Strategy is mechanism by which something is to be done. There are infinite numbers of strategies. Developing marketing campaign can do around these three phases: Conduct your own market research. Focus on one or two positions which, based on your research, look like a good fit for you. Create a position thats right for you in a company where you feel comfortable and motivated. Budgeting The most important and difficult step or context is budget the funds, time and human resource for your campaign. There are different methods which usually get follow are given below. Percentage of sales approach is a simple but inexperienced way to deal with issue. Unit of sales approach that allocates funds on a per-unit base rather than percentage of sales basis. In the share-of-market approach the activities of key competitors are factored in to the budget setting process. A funds available approach is used when firms are strapped for cash and need to cover costs and preserve profitability. Tasks for P10 For this task you must: Discuss the importance of integrated and cost-effective campaign. Use appropriate techniques to develop a cost effective and integrated campaign, consider relative costs of various promotional techniques, product life cycle considerations, strategies that can be adopted by firms, positioning strategies, barriers to integration The most important factor of integrated is to control of the promotional process allows for more synergy activity among each of the communication program elements. It also helps organization to arrange a convenient for clients to coordinate all promotional efforts with one agency and agencies with IMC capabilities can create a single image for the client. The importance of cost-effective campaign is giving a guild line to marketing department that promotional message reaches youre intended and targeted audience and also message is understood by audience and the message stimulates the recipients and they take action. Any communications campaign must have clear, measurable objectives. This is true whether the campaign is designed to communicate product benefits or to support an event. In order to achieve these objectives, a campaign requires careful planning. There are eight main stages to consider, from defining the target market to setting a budget and schedule. (Steel, Jon, 2010) The most important factor of integrated is to control of the promotional process allows for more synergy activity among each of the communication program elements. It also helps organization to arrange a convenient for clients to coordinate all promotional efforts with one agency and agencies with IMC capabilities can create a single image for the client. Asses our marketing communication It is important in this first step to examine and understand the needs of our target market. Our target markets are the students who want to go abroad for their higher studies. What communication channels will use? In the beginning we place billboards near the colleges, schools, and universities and the other thing we distribute our pump flits to different students and keep the help desk of Confed in different colleges and universities. Objectives Our objectives in a promotional campaign are slightly different from our marketing campaign. Our Promotional objectives are stated in terms of long-term behaviors people are having been exposed to your promotional communication. These objectives must be clearly stated, measurable, and appropriate to the phase of market development. Promotion Mix   In this step we will need to allocate resources among sales promotion, advertising, publicity, and of course personal selling. Dont skimp on either of these areas. We must create awareness among our buyers in order for our promotional campaign to succeed. Promotional Message In this step we will need to sit down with our team and focus on the content, appeal, structure, format, and source of the message. We should keep in mind our promotional campaigns appeal and execution and also objectives. Product life cycle Confed overcome the consultant name as ICAS. ICAS was the good consultants but it never capture the market instead of this Confed in the start was not that much good then it highly advertise their service and to promote their business more they launch an HND which is the good opportunity for the students wants to go abroad and want to study the business. Now a days its in a stage of growth. confed Strategy: Confed standard is good, means they installs the multimedia for lectures, a/cs to create the better environment for the students, But there is something slightly missing in it that now they have to advertise more and more in these days because in these days admissions are open at U.K and also in Pakistan and the other thing is to create their management effective which attracts the parents. P.11: present promotion recommendations in the form of a promotion plan Situational analysis Daewoo Pakistan service was established in 1997 with a new kind of service for traveling and tourism. They have routes to all over Pakistan by providing the relaxing and refreshing service to their customers. Company Analysis Recently they are the largest land travel provider in Pakistan. Daewoo has bus terminal with complete range restaurants, cargo service, and travel service. The main goal of the company is to leave on time and get to destination on time. As Daewoo is an international company but this company has indirect competitors which are private busses and the new Motorway Express which tries to compete with Daewoo. Customer Analysis Today customers are becoming sensitive in terms of traveling and food, many people wish to travel safe, comfortable, on time with reasonable price, airlines are providing this kind of service but the price is high, Daewoo is providing the same service which the people of Pakistan wished. Competitor Analysis Daewoo Pakistan is the leader in bus service they dont have a direct competitor but if we consider the indirect competition, there are lots of busses which are trying to get the customers providing a comfortable travel but they dont have on time delivery and safe travel. About a year ago the new travel service has been introduced by the name of motorway express, but this company is in introduction stage which provides the routes from Peshawar to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. P12: Discuss briefly are the criteria for measuring promotional techniques effectiveness. How would you measure the campaign effectiveness in this scenario? There are many ways through which we can measure the promotional techniques effectiveness. Different companies use different ways to measure their promotional activities. The companies follow up to measure their promotional techniques are following areas. Measuring effectiveness of advertising Measuring effectiveness of sales promotion Measuring effectiveness of personal selling Measuring the effectiveness of advertising To check the number of enquiries from advertising. If the advertising is strong so automatically the sales of the company will be very good. When the sales are there means that the advertising goals have been accomplished. To check the customer awareness before and after the advertising campaign. Number of request for further sales means that the advertising campaign was very strong and more awareness is there in-between the consumers. Levels of repeated sales also show the effectiveness of advertising. To assess the effectiveness of advertising campaign, you can monitor sales, new customer requests for information, phone inquiries, and response from the retailers. Measuring the effectiveness of sales promotion The company must take the feedback of their customers regularly. A sales promotion is constructed to inform customers about the new product. This is possible by advertising in newspaper, and other Medias explaining the product and inviting customers to visit their websites for coupon offers. An activity like this can be measured by tracking the number of people visiting the website. Besides coupons another promotion techniques is price discounting such as 50% discount offer, buy one get one free, reducing cost is a sure way to motivate customers to buy the product. M5: Show in which situations do u think your recommended techniques may not work The recommendation I have given they may not work in the following conditions. We have suggested that we should distribute flyers in different seminars but because of security reasons usually seminar get cancelled, due to which we can face problems. It may affect the image of company while giving discounts. To offer the service of booking Daewoo seats through sms or internet can be costly. If there are not enough funds so the organization will not be able to advertise their product in a proper manner. Lack of human resources resource can be the possible reason of not meeting the required goals. Lack of communication between the staff can also affect the overall business of the Confed. The managers of the organization should keep check on the staff. If the manager is not competent the organization can suffer. If there is political instability the organization might not be successful to achieve its required goals. The organization might not have enough funds to allocate them into other activities M6: Develop the budget for the promotion plan To develop a budget for the promotion plan is a very technical part. We need to allocate out finances in such a way that we can get full benefit out of it by utilizing minimum finances. A budget planed at the beginning of the year and is followed throughout the year. As we are introducing a new product which is a mineral water at the beginning it will need lots of advertising so that people come to know about the product. We are going to make our promotional plan as follows: We will advertise our product in news papers which will cost us about 30,000rs. We will advertise our product on television by giving a contract to an ad agency to make an attractive ad so that the consumers get attracted to it by watching that ad on the television. This can take about 50,000 to 80,000. We will distribute free samples to different retailer which can cost about 4,000rs per retailer. We will make poster, brushers and distribute them in every possible area where people can see then easily. This will also take about 20, 000rs of our finances. We will hire a bill board in a main area, near traffic signal, so that on red light people can see our advertisement. This will cost us about 50,000 to 80,000 per month. M.7: Develop the communication goals through DAGMAR approach. DAGMAR is called (Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Result) It is an approach to advertising planning and a method for selecting goals and to use those goals to measure performance. It is intend to create awareness, impart information, to develop attitude. There are four stages of DAGMAR approach which is discussed below Awareness: This model is used to aware the customers of the existing brand of a company. Comprehension: To make consumers understand the usage of the product. Conviction (Persuasion): to persuade the consumers to buy the product. Action: To get the consumers to purchase the product. Characteristics of advertising objectives in DAGMAR approach: There are four characteristics of DAGMAR approach which are discussed below Well Defined Objectives: The objectives should be cleared, it should be measurable and specific, and these objectives should be communicated to Copywriters and marketer specialists who develop the advertising message and it will help them to select the specific message for advertisement. Measurable objectives will help for effectiveness of advertisement. Benchmark and Degree of change sough: Benchmark is to target the audience in communication model. It means to know how many target audience are at the stages of communication model. It is must to know the number of target audience who are at awareness stage and at persuasion stage. Well defined target audience: The advertising message should well define to the target audience. It is must to know the person involved in each stage of communication. Like some audience are at understanding stage and some are target audience and maybe some are at persuasion stage. Specified time period: The time period of advertising should be specified for achievement of objectives. Most of companies specify the time period from months to year period it depends on situation and degree of change sought. If a companys objective is to increase brand awareness than it can be done in short time through mass media. But if objective of the company is increase the understanding and persuasion of branch loyalty than it takes time. D5: Show how your promotion plan activities will be planned, managed and organized. We can plan and manage our promotional activities as follow: We will divide the task amongst our employees so that each and every task is done in a proper manner. Like this there wont be a burden on one person. For advertising on television we have to look up in best advertising agency, do that they can make our ad more attractive. We will gave our products on much more discounted rates then our competitors We will provide our product to different Hotels, restaurants so that more people consume our product. Also take feedback from our customer that how we may improve our product.

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Censorship in Libraries and Schools Essay -- Censoring Literature Essa

Censorship in Libraries and Schools What would you do if you went to your child's school and saw that they were looking at inappropriate material on the internet? Would you react the same way if they were in a public library? Who decides what is okay for your children to view? Who decides where they can view it? What can you do about them being able to view these things? Are there any laws that can prevent this from happening? What are some schools and libraries doing to help prevent children form looking at such material? These are all issues that will be discussed in the next few paragraphs, along with my opinions on the matter. Body In 1998 there was a law passed, called the Child Online Protection Act, which "made it a federal crime for commercial Web sites to make available to minors materials that are harmful to minors, as judged by community standards". The sites that were considered harmful to minors had to get proof of age from the visitor of the site. This law, like the rest, caused uproar with the First Amendment supporters. The supporters "argued that the law was too broad and would threaten are, news, and health sites". The federal court agreed with the supporters and declared that this law was unconstitutional, because the "Web is accessible everywhere, the community-standards would restrict the entire country to the standards of the most conservative community". This ruling was made in 2000, in 2001 the Supreme Court heard an appeal from the government, but has not yet ruled. In my opinion, I think that this would be a good idea. Yeah, it would take away some of the people's privacy, but that is a sm all price to pay to keep the children in our nation from seeing things that can be harmful to them. I know... ...lusion As a parent you really cannot do anything about what your child views while at the library or while at school. You could tell them that they are not allowed to look at those sites, but sometimes those sites just pop up, or we all know that when we tell a child that they cannot so something it makes them want to do it even more. You can keep them from viewing certain things at home but other than that there is not much that you can do. Sorry, but it is true. There are people out there that are trying to change this, and we see this by the laws that are continuing to be made and changing. As I said earlier filters cannot be perfect, there will always be problems with them, but we just have to deal with them the way that they are. That is just life. Works Cited: Baase, Sara (2003). A Gift of Fire (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education, Inc.

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My Favorite Superheroes Essay

In the world of comic books and fantasy literature, there have been a multitude of amazing superheroes. Each superhero has their own unique set of skills and personalities. My favorite superheroes are Captain America, Batman, and Iron Man. These three superheroes have come to their powers in different ways, yet they all use their awesome talents to fight for good. Captain America, Batman and Iron Man all have extraordinary abilities, which make them unique and special. Captain America has been given the gift of super-human speed and strength and the ability to heal quickly. Batman has super gadgets, such as the Batmobile, batarangs (bat shaped boomerangs), and a grappling gun. Iron Man, like Batman, relies on technology to create his advantage. His primary advantage comes in the form of his full body metallic suit. The suit features a smart computer and multiple weapons systems. The special powers and technologies these superheroes possess set them apart from the average man on the street. Even though they all have special abilities, each of these superheroes came to their abilities in a unique way. Captain America was the subject of a military experiment that had aimed to create a super soldier. His physical abilities and appearance were altered with the injection of a special serum. Contrary to the Captain’s origin, Batman derives his power from expensive, state-of-the-art technology. His motive to fight crime stems from the death of his parents, who were killed when he was a child. Iron Man, on the other hand, suffered a chest injury during a kidnapping, in which his captors attempted to force him to make weapons. In order to escape, and save his life, he created a powered suit of armor. As you can see, each superhero had a different origin but they have all used their experiences to fight for good. Captain America had been small and frail before his transformation, so he fights with a sense of protecting the weak. Captain America is an inherently good and honorable person. Batman fights crime as form of vengeance, or revenge, due to his parents’ deaths. Batman fights for good despite being a dark and tormented character. Iron Man also fights for the good side, but he does so a little reluctantly. He originally acted to defend his company’s interests, but inevitably he began to use his powers for a greater good. These superheroes may come from different backgrounds and have unique skill sets but they share a common goal. They all fight to protect the weak and the innocent from the powers of evil. Despite their superficial differences, these superheroes are very much alike.

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7 Tips to Surviving the First Year as a New School Principal

7 Tips to Surviving the First Year as a New School Principal The first year as a new principal at a school is a daunting challenge.  Everyone is trying to figure you out, testing your mettle, and attempting to make a good impression.  As a principal, you want to find a balance in making changes, building relationships, and figuring out what everyone is already doing well.  It takes a keen sense of observation and a significant investment of your time.  Even veteran principals taking over at a new school should not come in expecting things to be the same as they were at their previous school. There are so many variables from school to school that most of the first year will be a feeling out process. The following seven tips can help guide you through that critical first year as a new school principal. 7 Tips For Surviving the First Year As a New School Principal Understand your superintendents expectations. It is impossible to be an effective school principal at any point if you and the superintendent are not on the same page. It is essential that you always understand what their expectations are. The superintendent is your direct boss. What they say goes, even if you do not entirely agree with them. Having a strong working relationship with your superintendent can only help you be a successful principal.Create a plan of attack. You will be overwhelmed! There is no way around it. Although you might think you know how much there is to do, there is much more than you could have possibly imagined. The only way to sift through all the tasks that it takes to get ready and get through your first year is to sit down and create a plan of what you are going to do. Prioritizing is essential. Create a checklist of all the things you need to do and set a time table of when they need to be completed. Take advantage of the time you have when no students a re around because once they factor into the equation, the likely hood of a schedule working is highly unlikely. Be organized. Organization is key. There is no way you can be an effective principal if you do not have exceptional organization skills. There are so much many facets of the job that you can create confusion not only with yourself but with those you are supposed to be leading if you are not organized. Being unorganized creates chaos and chaos in a school setting especially from a person in a position of leadership can only lead to disaster.Get to know your teaching faculty. This one can make or break you as a principal. You do not have to be every teachers best friend, but it is critical that you earn their respect. Take the time to get to know each of them personally, find out what they expect from you, and let them know your expectations early. Build a solid foundation for a solid working relationship early and most importantly back your teachers unless it is impossible not to.Get to know your support staff. These are the people behind the scenes who do not get enough credit but es sentially run the school. The administrative assistants, maintenance, custodians, and cafeteria personnel often know more about what is going on with the school than anyone else. They are also the people whom you rely on to make sure the daily operations run smooth. Spend time getting to know them. Their resourcefulness can be invaluable. Introduce yourself to community members, parents, and students. This goes without saying, but the relationships you build with the patrons of your school will be beneficial. Making a favorable first impression will lay the groundwork for you to build on those relationships. Being a principal is all about the relationships you have with people. Just like with your teachers, it is essential to gain the communities respect. Perception is reality, and a principal that is not respected is an ineffective principal.Learn about community and district traditions. Every school and community are different. They have different standards, traditions, and expectations. Change a long-standing event such as the Christmas program and you will get patrons knocking down your door. Instead of creating additional problems for yourself embrace these traditions. If it does become necessary at some point to make a change, then create a committee of parents, community members, and students. Explain your side to the committee and let them decide so that the decision does not fall squarely on your shoulders.

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HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION essays HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION All teenagers experience a stage of rebellion where they seek their independence from their parents. During these years of a teenagers life, they learn things about life whether it may be positive or negative. The real test of individuality comes in where its up to the teenager to decide whether or not they want to change for the better after learning through their own personal experiences. Danny, a typical teenager, went through this same type of rebellion with his family. Hanging out with the wrong crowds and getting involved with illegal things, Danny was finding himself always in trouble either with his parents or with the law. He definitely needed something to turn his life around in the right direction. But unfortunately, it wasnt until his fathers death that Danny realized he needed to change his lifestyle. Because his fathers death had such a great impact on him, Danny decided to get his life on the right path by going back to school, working part-time, and changing his overall attitude towards life. The most important thing that Danny now realized was that he needed to go back to school. Being a high school drop-out at the age sixteen, he decided that it was the right time to enroll in school in hopes of getting his high school diploma. He realized that without a high school education, he wasnt going to get very far in his life. Before, not even caring if he would live through a whole day, Danny did not take his life seriously at all. The big difference now was that he contemplated about what the future had in store for him. Life now meant everything to him and he was going to do all that he could to make the best out of it. No matter what it took, Danny was eager to return to school and accomplish his goals. In addition to attending school, Danny also managed to work a part-time job at ...

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Theorists Choice between Prioritism and Sufficientarism Essay

Theorists Choice between Prioritism and Sufficientarism - Essay Example There is also the aspect of taking positions that are quite inadequate. It is important that clear distinctions be carried out as these will greatly help to have an apparent view on the whole issue or topic. Sen is very firm about normative and substantive claims. There is however the avoiding of the entire commitment to the justice theory. Considering the theories, there is expression of scepticism on the issue of proritism. There needs to be a choice between prioritism and sufficientarism because this will greatly help erase ambiguities that exist among theorists. (Roemer, 1996) There are views that actually emerge as criticisms to other theorist. Looking at theorists work there needs to be a choice between sufficientarism and prioritism because there needs to be some measure of one's condition which is relevant to the entire allocation of alterable aspects. This is in line with the theorist of justice. This is because an issue like justice requires equality. In this case when a choice is made then one can easily determine whether there are unequal or equal conditions in a circumstance. The reason as to why theorists need to choose between prioritism and sufficientarism is because these two aspects are always in conflict. Among theorists there is great formulation of sufficientarism as a claim of identity. On the other hand, this aspect is not seen as a claim virtue. Theorists also need to choose between sufficientarism and prioritism because research reveals that the theorists' work of primitivisms or non reductive sifficientarism is quite incompatible with various aspects of prioritism. In case there are any aspects of sufficientarism in the theorists' work, then the entire sensorial seems to be the exact opposite of prioritism. There has always been a wonder on the issue of prioritism differing with the sufficientarism concept. According to the sufficientarism view, there is the holding on various sets of physical facts that normally determine an individuals experimental properties which in most cases are very separate from other facts that are quite non experimental in nature. Looking at restricted prioritism there is a clear denial of these claims. (Roemer, 1996) When there is actually restricted prioritism amongst theorists there is a strong implication of desires, beliefs and other requirements that actually have the whole potential of having many of the properties that are quite experimental in nature. There is normally the argument with the entire compatibility of reductive sufficientarism and also the issues of prioitism. There is normally a wonder as to whether there are experiential properties that make theorists lie in between the two aspects of sufficientarism and prioritism. According to various scholars the form of sufficientarism in which one person desires and believes in is greatly characterized or rather determined by various relations that exist between internal states that are physical and also external states. When theorists fail to choose between the two aspects of prioritism and sufficientarism, then there automatically arise the issues of interpretation and constraints. One of the major constraints that arise when theorists fail to choose between one of the two aspects, that is prioritism and sufficientarism is that there is bound to be the constraint of interpretation in desires, beliefs and the rationalization concerning the various theories. This is in line with