Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Does totalitarianism rise out of the shadow of Liberty and Democracy Essay

Does totalitarianism rise out of the shadow of Liberty and Democracy - Essay Example Totalitarianism is defined as the autocratic tyrannical rule of one, who assumes indefinite powers with respect to all subjects governed. Democracy has typically been defined as the rule of majority, where all individuals are considered equal by law, all having equal say in their governance. Liberty, on the other hand, means the freedom of people with respect to religion, speech, property etc. and it has been traditionally affiliated with Democracy, theoretically and practically absent in Totalitarianism. But history holds evidence that Totalitarianism indeed stems from Democratic and Liberal forms of the government – a fact in spite of the contradictory theories. Writers all across the globe have written innumerable articles on this subject, and people continue to deliberate on the linkage between Democracy and Totalitarianism. Indeed, thinkers have continually predicted the collapse of Democracy into Totalitarianism since the beginning of governance. It is said that a Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It only exists till the time voters realize they have voted themselves out of treasuries which collapse due to lose fiscal policies, and Democracy is always followed by dictatorship (Tyler, 1970). This clearly implies that early contemplators clearly predicted this vicious cycle whereby Democracy will lead to Totalitarianism or Monarchy. Tyler had summed up the history of governments of the past two centuries, which clearly depict this phenomenon. Also, some people have recognized this cycle in slightly different way. Some believe the founders of government types knew how Liberty (0% government and 100% liberty) could span into Anarchy and consequently into Totalitarianism (100% government and 0% liberty). The cycle of democracy in this case is recognized as Democracy leading to Socialism, Socialism leading to Fascism, which in turn leads to Totalitarianism

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