Thursday, September 26, 2019

News talk critique Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

News talk critique - Coursework Example The two presentations depicted varying characteristics. The first one, presented in class, received dismal responses from the audience. In particular, the class showed a lack of interest in the topic and consistently failed in answering questions posed after the presentation. Their response indicated that I lacked confidence, eloquence and clarity. The information was not well understood. The second presentation received a small audience of two at the Centre for Business Communication. In this presentation, I was more confident, composed and articulate. The audience’s response was positive with questions being answered. Despite feeling nervous, the audience took no note of fear. In the next year, I hope to improve my presentation skills. The particular areas of focus are essential in public presentation. The first is confidence boosting which will allow me to have composure during presentations. Eloquence will facilitate the dissemination of information in a clear and precise manner. Moreover, I will seek to present in front of several individuals to reduce my stage fright. Developing good memory skills will boost the quality of my presentations as the bulk of information will be remembered. Lastly, I will endeavour to develop a controlled voice without shaky notes. This plan will culminate into improved presentation

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