Monday, September 9, 2019

Global supply chain and Future Sustainable development Essay

Global supply chain and Future Sustainable development - Essay Example Supply chain management is coupled with modeling the product market and identifying the niche. This allows the producer to understand the scheduling of production and supply. The shift allowing more developing countries to produce market goods has favored China’s market growth. This is because China has low overhead cost when it comes to factors of production such as labor. Though the trend is opposed because of its implications such as child labor, environmental concerns among others this has not deterred its growth. Stakeholders demand constant and reliable supply of goods and services which developing countries are able to provide. The global supply chain taking to use developing countries to produce its goods has spurred speedy development. Large international firms have to assess the market for its goods before establishing a network of outlets. This includes data collection in order to create a framework of regions where the product is in actual demand. Also, firms have to adopt social, environmental and economic goals for the benefit of the developing country. Though, there has been a failure of some firms failing to meet their obligations. The development of sustainable global is a three-stage process. The first step is identifying the motivators. This covers the reason as to why global supply chains would work effectively. Is it the overwhelming unquenched market? Is it the availability of ready and cheap labor? The second stage covers assessing levers. This includes balancing various factors such as expenses against profit when the new strategy is implemented. Will networking increase the profits to the desired level and if so, will the current supply chain be able to accommodate market collapse. The factors are summarized into seven principles, which include, aim, policy, management, industry collaboration, partners accepting such change,

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